Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March!!!

It's already March........

Well I am still plugging along with the new is taking much longer than I thought but it will be great when its done. So bare with me.....

New Giveaway......

To enter share with me where you are planning for your honeymoon, and what you excited most about it!!

Giveaway is a cute Honeymoon Tote it will be great for a small carryon!!

Giveaway ends 3/8/2010

Chair Cover Rentals available for $3.00 per chair includes organza sash

Lighting packages available starting at $300

Till next time,


  1. were going to Las Vegas!!! i have never been here before and cant wait to see all the nightlife and just to walk to strip and have no kids!!!!

  2. We are going to Niagra Falls in Canada. I am excited to go because we have never been there and like Jennifer said we will have no KIDS!! We just had twins 5 months ago so we need a vacation!