Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DIY Projects..Are they worth it???

Today I would like to talk about DIY (Do it Yourself Projects)

I have seen time and time again Couple's decide to do many things DIY.
DIY Projects are sometimes viewed to be MAJOR for saving $$$$

My advice would be to make sure you know what you are doing, price out the supplies you need for your project. Many times a project ends up costing so much more money after accounting for mistakes, TIME and aggravation.

For example, DIY invitations are a big one, as doing this can save a great deal of money, however account for the INK, the Supplies, the time and Big MISTAKES. Lining up the paper correctly, spelling errors, etc.....

A great cost effective way to avoid DIY invitations are an option called a Seal & Send, most retailers that carry invitations have these available. They may not work for some situations but if you can make them work for you its a +. Generally for a Guest list of around 150 you can purchase these completed for roughly $200 give or take. So after figuring in your DIY invite kits approx $130 for 150, Ink $50, and Time....why bother with the stress?? Here is an example of a Seal & Send....

You can Message me for more Invitation information as I am an authorized dealer, and will be adding the Catalog to the Website very soon...

Other Big DIY Projects that I have seen go bad are DIY Flowers, Day of Hair and Make up, Cake...etc
Always remember the last thing you want to do on your big day is to be worried about doing your Hair and Make up or making your bouquet......

I do however have some great EASY Templates to create some fun additions......
Kids coloring Books
Tissue of Joy Labels
Bridesmaid Newsletters
Water Bottle Labels and more

Message me if you are interested in any of these....

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Weeks Giveaway...........

This weeks Giveaway is an   
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To enter to win:

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Winner will be selected Monday Febuary 1st.......Good Luck

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday!!!!

Well considering we are experiencing a monsoon outside today!!!

Let's Talk Rain Plan....

Are you having your ceremony outside?
Are you planning your pictures outside?


Better safe than sorry.....

Here is a list of a few Plan B possibilities in the area.....

RI State House, Providence- This requires advance booking and a fee (401) 222-2357 ($200)

Grand Manor, Pawtucket - Call for booking and fee info (401) 724-6500

Thomas and Walter Quinn Funeral Home - Warwick - 401-738-1977 (this option may not be for everyone, the lobby is beautiful and you would never know you are in a funeral home) $35 (2009)

Botanical Gardens Providence - (401)785-9450 (call and reserve)

The Westin Hotel, Providence - (401) 598-8000 (call in advance)

The Biltmore, Providence - (401) 421-0700 (call in advance)

Stay tuned for this weeks giveaway...........

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Friday....


Well I officially get the bad Blogger award this week. I have been so busy with the business on the road. I have some great new topics I am working on over the weekend, and have decided to save the Guest Post for next week...Stayed tuned for another great giveaway next week!!

Chair Covers are still available for the special rate of $2.75 each with organza sash, I will warn you though 2010 dates are booking fast at this price. I will honor the special pricing thru 2/14/2010 based on availability.

I am excited with the activity on the blog this week, remember in order to be eligible to win you must be a follower!!!

Have a great weekend

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's Talk Budget...

The average wedding in the US for 2009 was nearing 30k……

As everyone has had the vision of their day since they were a little girl that above number can defiantly seem a little scary. I have even noticed a trend in couple’s paying for their own weddings. Whether the couples themselves are paying in full or have help from family, there is no need to break the bank in doing it.

Please note in this post I am providing facts thru research, but some content is MY OPINION.

Decide on a number and stick with it.
Determine who is paying for what.

I personally believe your FOOD, Entertainment and Photos (in that order is #1)

Here are a few ways to save tips:

Having a Bridal Consultant is money well saved!!! I’m not just saying this because I am one!!! We are lucky to have the experience to have worked with many vendors, many locations, to know where you will get the most out of your money!

Think OFF SEASON – sometimes that place you have always dreamed of is untouchable $$$$ in July, but you may see a significant less rate in April…..

Use word of mouth referrals, many times using a vendor a family member or good friend has used can result in a great deal

Visit Bridal Shows as many vendors offer Specials

Interview multiple vendors, you want to be sure you are getting the most for your money, and don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. The worst they can say is NO! Don’t ever be afraid to Bargain, some vendors offer packages with stuff you just don’t need.

Try to utilize what your vendors have to offer……can your DJ provide Ceremony Music? Saves on a ceremony musician….no second body, no travel fee…..

Some Vendors offer multiple Services….Photo/Video/ DJ some offer great packages that by one stop shopping can save you $$$ and TIME.

Stay with Flowers that are in Season

Shop Sample Sales - .designer gowns for less is an excellent way to snag a Gown that may have been out of your original price range.

Compare Prices on Gowns – Most shops prices should be relatively the same, unless it is an off the rack sale. As shops are required to sell at a certain MSRP, some try to be more competitive

Save on Transportation by having you ceremony and reception in the same location

Trimming the Guest List is sometimes a must, this to me is usually a last resort, but let’s face it sometimes the Guest List can easily get out of control….

Do it Yourself Projects – This is a topic all for itself, I am a firm believer that in some aspects DIY Projects are a great way to save, but I have also seen some DIY Projects cost more than they should!!!

This topic can go on and on.......

Please share with me what you budget experience has been......

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Monday, January 18, 2010

And the winner is...........

Congrats to Jennifer...........

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Last Chance to Enter...

Good Morning...Happy MLK DAY......

Well our Giveaway for our "Bathroom Basket" will be later this afternoon.

Chair Cover Rentals is still available for $2.75 with organza sash.

Today I will be working on tomorrow's blog post..."Let's talk Budget"

I hope everyone had a great weekend......

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Upcoming......for next week..

Well here is the update on what I will be working on over the weekend for next week....

Let's Talk Budget.....We will discuss staying on budget and everything that comes along with it....

DIY Projects - Helpful or Nightmare? What has been your experience?

Guest Posts..I have a few great Guest Posts lined up and I'm hearing some great giveaways.......

Stay Tuned....

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Happy Friday.......Great Special Today!!!

I'm sure everyone is excited it's Friday..and that we are experiencing this mild HEATWAVE....
Well I have a Great Deal for you today....
I do details... will be offering Chair Cover Rentals for $2.75 w/sash
Yes that is not a typo, many people ask how I can keep the pricing so low well the truth of the matter is 1. I love what I do, it is important to me to help make everyone's dream a reality, and let's face it planning a wedding or event in this economy has proven to be trying.
2. I have the opportunity to work from not having a storefront has its downfalls, being able to provide things at a great price is a win/win for everyone, but I have a target goal for a storefront in about a year.
Also don't forget to become a Follower for you chance to win the "Bathroom Basket" Giveaway. Winner will be Announced MONDAY JAN 18.

So I also want to know, What are you doing this weekend in your planning?

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's get started.....

OK so the Holidays are officially over....

It's time to get out of the Holiday Slump

What is next on your to do list?

Keep in mind many couple's put their planning on the back burner thru the Holidays, which means if you still have vendors that need to be booked....get a move on it..

With all the the Bridal Shows just about over now is your chance to secure your remaining vendors. You may have your heart set on that certain photographer and waiting may cost you quality.

Always remember to meet with multiple vendors (2) at least, being compatible is key as they are a very big part of your day. Always ask if they are running any you never know the great deals you can find.

So I'm curious to know are you way behind?

Unsure as where to begin to get out of your Holiday Slump?

Till next time,


Welcome to the i do details...Blog

I am excited to announce our new blog........

I am hoping with this blog to create a great place to have fun, discuss topics, earn prizes and highlight some great guest posts from other local vendors.