Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Weeks Giveaway...........

This weeks Giveaway is an   
 i do details... Here comes the Bride....Tote Bag

and you never know what goodies
you may find inside.................

To enter to win:

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You must post 1 topic in the comments you would like to see featured on the Blog......

Winner will be selected Monday Febuary 1st.......Good Luck

Till Next Time....


  1. what I would like to see featured in this blog are more information on flowers and which ones are better/cheaper to buy in different seasons..this is because im working on deciding my flowers and i have a budget i need to follow lol!!!

  2. It was be so awesome if you had non-traditional meal ideas... Chris has thought of a Clam bake with lobster etc.. which I think is unique..!! Not bad for only being engaged for 4 days!!!! : )

  3. i wanna win lol..anything would help towards the wedding i absolutely love the bathroom basket!!!! thing is i hate being on such a strict budget, but with 2 kids full time schooling and part time job its hard not to