Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's get started.....

OK so the Holidays are officially over....

It's time to get out of the Holiday Slump

What is next on your to do list?

Keep in mind many couple's put their planning on the back burner thru the Holidays, which means if you still have vendors that need to be booked....get a move on it..

With all the the Bridal Shows just about over now is your chance to secure your remaining vendors. You may have your heart set on that certain photographer and waiting may cost you quality.

Always remember to meet with multiple vendors (2) at least, being compatible is key as they are a very big part of your day. Always ask if they are running any you never know the great deals you can find.

So I'm curious to know are you way behind?

Unsure as where to begin to get out of your Holiday Slump?

Till next time,


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