Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's Talk Budget...

The average wedding in the US for 2009 was nearing 30k……

As everyone has had the vision of their day since they were a little girl that above number can defiantly seem a little scary. I have even noticed a trend in couple’s paying for their own weddings. Whether the couples themselves are paying in full or have help from family, there is no need to break the bank in doing it.

Please note in this post I am providing facts thru research, but some content is MY OPINION.

Decide on a number and stick with it.
Determine who is paying for what.

I personally believe your FOOD, Entertainment and Photos (in that order is #1)

Here are a few ways to save tips:

Having a Bridal Consultant is money well saved!!! I’m not just saying this because I am one!!! We are lucky to have the experience to have worked with many vendors, many locations, to know where you will get the most out of your money!

Think OFF SEASON – sometimes that place you have always dreamed of is untouchable $$$$ in July, but you may see a significant less rate in April…..

Use word of mouth referrals, many times using a vendor a family member or good friend has used can result in a great deal

Visit Bridal Shows as many vendors offer Specials

Interview multiple vendors, you want to be sure you are getting the most for your money, and don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. The worst they can say is NO! Don’t ever be afraid to Bargain, some vendors offer packages with stuff you just don’t need.

Try to utilize what your vendors have to offer……can your DJ provide Ceremony Music? Saves on a ceremony musician….no second body, no travel fee…..

Some Vendors offer multiple Services….Photo/Video/ DJ some offer great packages that by one stop shopping can save you $$$ and TIME.

Stay with Flowers that are in Season

Shop Sample Sales - .designer gowns for less is an excellent way to snag a Gown that may have been out of your original price range.

Compare Prices on Gowns – Most shops prices should be relatively the same, unless it is an off the rack sale. As shops are required to sell at a certain MSRP, some try to be more competitive

Save on Transportation by having you ceremony and reception in the same location

Trimming the Guest List is sometimes a must, this to me is usually a last resort, but let’s face it sometimes the Guest List can easily get out of control….

Do it Yourself Projects – This is a topic all for itself, I am a firm believer that in some aspects DIY Projects are a great way to save, but I have also seen some DIY Projects cost more than they should!!!

This topic can go on and on.......

Please share with me what you budget experience has been......

Till Next time,


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