Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Friday.......Great Special Today!!!

I'm sure everyone is excited it's Friday..and that we are experiencing this mild HEATWAVE....
Well I have a Great Deal for you today....
I do details... will be offering Chair Cover Rentals for $2.75 w/sash
Yes that is not a typo, many people ask how I can keep the pricing so low well the truth of the matter is 1. I love what I do, it is important to me to help make everyone's dream a reality, and let's face it planning a wedding or event in this economy has proven to be trying.
2. I have the opportunity to work from not having a storefront has its downfalls, being able to provide things at a great price is a win/win for everyone, but I have a target goal for a storefront in about a year.
Also don't forget to become a Follower for you chance to win the "Bathroom Basket" Giveaway. Winner will be Announced MONDAY JAN 18.

So I also want to know, What are you doing this weekend in your planning?

Till next time,


  1. do you just follow you in be elgible to win the bathroom basket..or do you comment saying you want to win..just i would love to win a bathroom basket!!!!

  2. Welcome Aboard....

    Just becoming a Follwer will give you a chance to win.

    Stay tuned for the Winner announcement on Monday, and more great prizes to come..


  3. What a GREAT idea. Do any other "Planners" have a Blog site? What a great way to be interactive!!! Kudos to you : )