Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DIY Projects..Are they worth it???

Today I would like to talk about DIY (Do it Yourself Projects)

I have seen time and time again Couple's decide to do many things DIY.
DIY Projects are sometimes viewed to be MAJOR for saving $$$$

My advice would be to make sure you know what you are doing, price out the supplies you need for your project. Many times a project ends up costing so much more money after accounting for mistakes, TIME and aggravation.

For example, DIY invitations are a big one, as doing this can save a great deal of money, however account for the INK, the Supplies, the time and Big MISTAKES. Lining up the paper correctly, spelling errors, etc.....

A great cost effective way to avoid DIY invitations are an option called a Seal & Send, most retailers that carry invitations have these available. They may not work for some situations but if you can make them work for you its a +. Generally for a Guest list of around 150 you can purchase these completed for roughly $200 give or take. So after figuring in your DIY invite kits approx $130 for 150, Ink $50, and Time....why bother with the stress?? Here is an example of a Seal & Send....

You can Message me for more Invitation information as I am an authorized dealer, and will be adding the Catalog to the Website very soon...

Other Big DIY Projects that I have seen go bad are DIY Flowers, Day of Hair and Make up, Cake...etc
Always remember the last thing you want to do on your big day is to be worried about doing your Hair and Make up or making your bouquet......

I do however have some great EASY Templates to create some fun additions......
Kids coloring Books
Tissue of Joy Labels
Bridesmaid Newsletters
Water Bottle Labels and more

Message me if you are interested in any of these....

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  1. i did my save the dates myself and im also doing the favors myself as my favors for my wedding are going to be a candy buffet!!! so excited i cant wait!! one seems to want to win always up for winning something haha

  2. i would also like some more information on invitations as i havent even started looking at any and the wedding is in june lol

  3. This was an awesome blog!!! Lots of info to keep in mind!!! Great job !!

  4. i was wondering what you had for invitations im slacking in that department lol