Monday, January 18, 2010

Last Chance to Enter...

Good Morning...Happy MLK DAY......

Well our Giveaway for our "Bathroom Basket" will be later this afternoon.

Chair Cover Rentals is still available for $2.75 with organza sash.

Today I will be working on tomorrow's blog post..."Let's talk Budget"

I hope everyone had a great weekend......

Till next time.



  1. yay...hopping i win the bathroom basket!!! this site is pretty cool and im thinking about chair cover rentals too have to talk with my fiance as we have a strict budget.

  2. Thanks JlyNn020106....

    Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on Budget's..

    Please feel free to share with me what you may be struggling with, with your Budget. I would love to be sure that I can address any concerns you have in the post.
    And don't be afraid to message me regarding chair covers, I do the best I can to work with everyone..