Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is in the air.....

Finally the weather is changing!!

I had a great opportunity this weekend to meet with many lovely bride's at the Local i-dos Bridal Expo in Taunton......I was amazed at the amount of bride's just starting their planning, and looking for ideas....
Overall it was a great turn out!
The new website is complete.....I have a few minor tweaks and I will launch it ASAP...
So I am starting to see more and more new trends for 2010

So by trends, I mean to me what I am getting a large request for and or am seeing more and more of.

All things TEAL……teal seems to be a Hot color this year

Crystal, Crystals Crystals……..I mean I know let’s face it we all love our BLING but it seems as though we are leaning more to Crystals this year VS. Rhinestone…..

Also there have always been the topic of personalized theme…more and more I am still seeing this grow and become more and more creative

Tomorrow I will do a full post on ways to personalize your event…..

Till next time,


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